The Leasing Process

Make money using (not owning) new equipment. You do not have
to own an electric company to benefit from electricity.  A plan
which lets you defray, delay or diminish costs by using someone
else’s equipment may be more practical than buying your own.
Yet, ownership can be optional at the end-of-term.

Fast growing, successful businesses recognize the need to move
quickly on income opportunities.  You often need your cash and
bank credit lines available and not tied up in depreciating assets.
Avoid making long-term commitments to rapidly changing

Equipment leasing generally  requires the least amount of upfront
cash to get new equipment in place and working for you.  Just as
you would not pay a new employee their lifetime wages in
advance, it is not necessary to pay up-front all of your equipment
or furnishings.  Leasing lets you pay for them as they work for your
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