Why automate your retail business with Proxis Store
When you have a Proxis Retail Point of Sale (POS) system
integrated into your business you will have an excellent way to
ensure that you remain in control of your inventory and

Tracking your inventory:  A normal POS System consists of
a bar code scanner, cash drawers, invoice printers and credit
card readers.  You can monitor your sales and purchases as
they occur, in real time.  

Reduce Theft and other losses:  Your employees will soon
realize that you have an eye on them and your inventory.  This
will curb their desire to steal from you.

Free yourself from manual stock-checking:  Manual stock
checking on your inventory wastes valuable time, and diverts a
large amount of energy.  POS Systems can help you eliminate
this time-consuming process, since you can easily compare
your physical inventory against your reports quickly and easily.
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